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Five Haiku Poem: I Soar

Photograph by FlyTrapMan – Click HERE to visit and follow his blog!   There’s a storm inside. Heart palpitates rapidly- breathless and dizzy.   Tornado grasps me. My feet off the floor, I… Continue reading

Moon Lust

Photograph by Monica – Click here to visit and follow her blog! Cumulus lusted after the Moon. For centuries, he hid in her shadow – gazing at her luminescent face, enthralled by her… Continue reading

Gaze of Polaris

Photo by Adam Lambert-Gorwyn of freeimages.com   Under the steady gaze of Polaris, I seek a safe journey. Be my ship. Navigate me safely through the tempestuous labyrinth of the sea. Afraid to… Continue reading


Photograph by FlyTrapMan   I walk a tightrope – trying to keep my balance. I won’t fall for you.   Read a tantalizing poem about a love that won’t die by clicking ↪️… Continue reading


Illustration by Rose Perez     Treacherous is the heart that tells tales. No matter how much you hush it, it always gives you away. Boorishly fluttering in your rib cage each time… Continue reading

Jupiter Looks For Me

Photograph by FlyTrapMan   Jupiter looks for me through tangled limbs of twisted trees. I hide beneath the dirt where I have laid for centuries. My gravestone is faded, and my name no… Continue reading


Photo by Graham A Stephen (http://geotopoi.wordpress.com) Thread me in and out. I unravel when you’re gone. Mend me with your kiss.   Read my dark story about another frayed lover by clicking  … Continue reading


Photo by FlyTrapMan   I buried you today. You tried to resist me. I was able to push you down into the dirt where I covered you, so you wouldn’t get hurt. My… Continue reading

Too Much

  Pressed against me tight, I can’t breathe and realize – You suffocate me.   Have you ever had a lover that smothered you way too much? Read about the perils of dating… Continue reading

A Fragment

He gave her a fragment of his heart. She looked at it in mild surprise. It’s so small; barely a crumb. Is this all I mean to you?   The corners of her… Continue reading