Illustration by Rose Perez



Treacherous is the heart that tells tales.

No matter how much you hush it, it always gives you away.

Boorishly fluttering in your rib cage each time he’s near.

When he leans so close, how could he not hear?

Trying not to meet his eyes; afraid of what’s written inside.

Don’t find me out; it’s not my heart pounding —

just indigestion from having eaten my true feelings.


Read a short story of an ugly girl who finds her dark and twisted beauty by clicking

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  1. The quality of your recording came out well! Were you in the closet? Haha. It looks like you know how to move the text now (within your title card). Nice job!

    Pepto-Bismol dissolves feelings.

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    • Thanks! I recorded upstairs with the rabbits; thinking they were taking naps. Did you hear shuffling noises in the background (the “hush it” part? That was Lou shuffling his back paws. He does that to get my attention).

      Yeah, I’ve got to explore the other sites you mentioned to create title cards. I’m not sure I’ll be looking into them too soon – I’d hate to get better than you at it. That might crush you. 😉

      Pepto Bismol dissolves feelings? Hmm. I guess I’d be concerned about what type of feelings would be eradicated.


  2. a dark emptiness from having my heart eaten out
    while I look at the smile as they turn…………
    traces of blood the morning after
    as I was told their beat is now enough for two
    Happy 4

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  3. I didn’t know anything about the recording
    God the sound of your heart thumping
    No no not the rose
    Please anything but the rose
    My heart my heart
    Ah now
    I feel whole once more

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    • I haven’t been consistently adding inventory, lately. Work’s been taking a lot of my time as well as the SlasherMonster magazine. No complaints, though. I’m having a lot of fun! Thanks for the nice words. xo

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  4. Ah, how often have people eaten their true feelings…as many times as there are stars in the sky. It’s a wonder most of us don’t suffer permanent indigestion.
    Love your poem, Rose–and the artwork. Did you do it?

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