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Soul Messenger – Haiku

Beating of my heart in sync with your restless soul. We travel as one.   A dragonfly symbolizes a soul messenger in Native American folklore.

Crimes of the Heart

… Here in the dark I sit. Polishing my sins with a rag and spit. No matter how hard I rub, the patina never succumbs. Encrusted with smudge, it’s difficult to shine. Woe… Continue reading

Five Haiku Poems: Bruised, Yet Hopeful

Within this brick wall, lies my heart where no light shines. Rejected, it sleeps. Hidden in the dark – dreaming so damn hard and tight. You’re not mine, it weeps. In this tiny… Continue reading


Illustration by Poet Rummager Scylla found him half drowned in the ocean blue – unconscious and badly bruised. In a darkened, dank cave, she kept vigil by his side – whispering reassuring words;… Continue reading


Illustration by Rose Perez     Treacherous is the heart that tells tales. No matter how much you hush it, it always gives you away. Boorishly fluttering in your rib cage each time… Continue reading


Photo by FlyTrapMan   I buried you today. You tried to resist me. I was able to push you down into the dirt where I covered you, so you wouldn’t get hurt. My… Continue reading

Three Haiku Poem: Suck the Poison

  Tie you to my heart – so tight the rope makes a mark. I want it to burn.   In pain, you grimace at the cruel words I say. I know I’m… Continue reading

A Fragment

He gave her a fragment of his heart. She looked at it in mild surprise. It’s so small; barely a crumb. Is this all I mean to you?   The corners of her… Continue reading

50 Word Story: Ripped

  Falling to the ground, it lands with a discernible “splat.” Initially, he thinks it’s a bird, but it lacks feathers or a beak. Realization dawns on him as it quivers – broken… Continue reading

Thaw Me

  You shake your head as you eye my heart – poking it with a finger. I don’t cringe or fall apart – stone cold like a glacier. Wall of ice in all… Continue reading