Five Haiku Poems: Bruised, Yet Hopeful

Collage Art by Poet Rummager

Within this brick wall,
lies my heart where no light shines.
Rejected, it sleeps.

Hidden in the dark –
dreaming so damn hard and tight.
You’re not mine, it weeps.

In this tiny room,
my heart beats against the stone –
bruised yet still hopeful.

Bleeding and in pain,
it yearns to be free again.
Walls start to crumble.

Deep scars you might keep.
Love may fade, but you decide –
Are you strong or weak?


Haiku poetry by Michnavs and Poet Rummager

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    • Hey Og, thanks my friend! Mich and I spoke for awhile about working with each other, but this is our first collaboration. It amazes me that there she is in the Philippines, and here I am in the US; yet we’ve managed to find common ground with our words.

      I’m happy you enjoyed my art! Collage art is my first love, and my second love is Irish. 😀 ❤

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      • Maybe we two should do something similar as well 😉
        The Count will be perfectly thrilled to receive a kiss from you!! 🙂 If nothing comes in between his next appearance is planned for Sunday 😉
        Have a lovely day, Rose! 🙂 xoxo ❤

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        • I’m sorry Sarah! Your comment was in my spam folder. I would love to collaborate with you someday! If you’d like to haiku with me, let me know, or we can talk about other things, as well.

          All the best! xo ❤ xo

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          • This happens a lot to me too – and reminds me that I need to check my Spam folder again!!
            I was thinking of maybe combine some visual art (me) with some stunning writing (you)? I´ve never written a haiku and wouldn’t know where to start… Let me know what you think of it! Have a perfect weekend, Rose! 🙂 xoxo ❤


  1. You always manage to get my blood rushing, Cathy! Such superb work you create.

    Lol. Always beware of eyes… they’re the quiet parts of us which know and see all.

    Thanks very much for visiting! I ducked into your amazing blog for just a bit but will find time to luxuriously drink in your fine talent soon. xo

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  2. Lovely haikus. What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger … and this poor heart, though battered and bruised, came out stronger and ready to love again.
    Your collage is very interesting. I love the way you put it together, and the strong colors.

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  3. Deep scars you might keep.
    Love may fade, but you decide –
    Are you strong or weak?

    Love those lines Rummager.. thank you for sharing this wonderful thoughts with us.

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  4. Hi Rose.
    I’m back.
    You were right. There’s nothing good
    out there. I’m worried that you cannot access
    my blog link. What’s gone wrong? 😟

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    • Your handsomeness shines through the internet. It’s quite blinding! Lol. Your old link is still attached to your new avatar. That’s why I’m having a tough time opening it on my phone.

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  5. This is beautiful .the artwork is complimented by the soothing one which contrast with the feeling ignited within me from listening /reading .Was the poem a collaboration of you and another poet ?


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