Perfect from Afar

Photo taken in Woodbury, CT by Poet Rummager

Thtree looked perfect from afar.

As I drew near, I saw quite clear –

it was broken.

It’s beauty didn’t waver in my eyes.

The flaw made it more cogent –

for the tree still thrived.

Yet I can’t help wondering

if the pine knew it was marred –

if its imperfection was noticed at all

by birds or blue skies.

Come to me with your blemishes –

your bloopers and blunders.

I’ll want you now and tomorrow.

I’ll trace your scars with my fingers. 


  1. I have a pine with broken branches like that. Wish I had thought of the analogy that appears at the end of the beautiful poem.

    As U noted, “the tree still thrived”. The upward-pointing remainder of the branch stands as a middle-finger salute to the snow storm that broke it.

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    • Broken but still beautiful. Aren’t we all? Lol. I didn’t know the tree had a middle finger, but I see it now! Ah, Mel, what a refreshing point of view you have. 😘 Thanks, my mad, mad scientist. 😜

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  2. It’s our imperfections that make us beautiful and unique, especially to those who love us…our scars beauty marks, for trees as well as people. Absolutely lovely, Rose. 💜

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  3. So, so beautiful, Rose. We all want that one special person who thinks we are perfect as we are, and yearns to trace our scars with their fingers.

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  4. Such a beautiful tree…and beautiful sentiments Rose

    Our country is currently at war…Marawi city is on a martial law now…justt after the Manchester attack Mawari was attacked too…some schools and hospitals were burned down…

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