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Perfect from Afar

The tree looked perfect from afar. As I drew near, I saw quite clear – it was broken. It’s beauty didn’t waver in my eyes. The flaw made it more cogent – for the… Continue reading

Five Haiku Poetry: Mime Frog

Title Card by FlyTrapMan Croak silent ribbit. Green amphibian mimic. I am what I am. Quiet as can be – I dare not say anything. Noise just betrays me.  You see, there are… Continue reading

Drink From Rain

Photograph by FlyTrapMan   Even small creatures drink from rain and understand the sun shines again.   Photograph by FlyTrapMan Matt received over 5,700 views on Flickr for this gorgeous shot!!!

Fifty Words Story: Gratitude

Photograph by Rich Finck. Click HERE to visit and follow his blog! His stomach growled. Scurrying past a dead tree, he heard moaning. He peered into a large fissure and saw a beautiful… Continue reading

Death’s Lullaby

Photograph by Inese – Click HERE to visit and follow her blog!   Death leaned in with a kiss – stealing my breath away. He brought me poppy flowers – blood red with… Continue reading

Into a Puddle

Photograph by Inese – Click HERE to visit and follow her blog!   He emerged from the ocean; even more slick than James Bond – for his tuxedo wasn’t ruined and his grey… Continue reading


Photograph by FlyTrapMan   I walk a tightrope – trying to keep my balance. I won’t fall for you.   Read a tantalizing poem about a love that won’t die by clicking ↪️… Continue reading

Hunger Growls

Illustration by Poet Rummager     Stealthy, in tall grass, she waits as her hunger growls. Deer appear. She leaps.       To read about another equally lethal tiger, be sure to… Continue reading

Metallic Knight

Photo by FlyTrapMan Metallic armor glistening as he conquers weaklings in his path.   There’s another metallic knight found in the insect kingdom — deadly and maneuvers like green lightning!  It’s the Tiger… Continue reading

The Thrill

Photo by Dorinda Duclos – Night Owl Poetry   In the storm, birds soared. They devoured cumulus clouds – hungry for the thrill.   Photograph by Dorinda (Click here to visit and follow… Continue reading