Death’s Lullaby

Photograph by Inese – Click HERE to visit and follow her blog!



Death leaned in with a kiss –
stealing my breath away.
He brought me poppy flowers –
blood red with a scent of decay.
Feeling light headed and weak,
I swayed, and he held my hand.
Never would I have guessed
Death could be such a gentleman.
He sang a lullaby into my ear,
and I felt my eyelids droop.
Good night poppies, I murmured,
as Death drew the curtains closed.

Poppies have long been a symbol of sleep and death. Read my haiku poetry about these captivating flowers by clicking —

↪️↪️↪️↪️↪️↪️↪️↪️HERE ↩️↩️↩️↩️↩️↩️↩️↩️


  1. Absolutely captivating Rose. 💕

    Three times in the past twenty
    minutes I have tried to leave a comment
    on your five Haikus. Flowers for death,
    on Slasher Monster.
    But the comment is not showing up. 😟

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As long as I have play every possible hand
    I’ve been dealt
    Than that sweet whisper in my ear
    Would be so bad
    Red happens to be my favorite color
    Great read Rose
    Thank you my friend
    For all Your kindness
    And for holding my hand
    In times of need
    Any thing you need
    Just asked
    I will be there
    The Sheldon Perspective

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  3. Lovely poem and a good use of Inese’s photograph too. (I’m also a fan of her blog.) Your version of death was rather more refined and sophisticated than I expected. I now have an image of him sounding rather like Vincent Price.

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  4. Another beautiful surprise! You are so talented, Rose, and so wise. Death is a part of life. Isn’t it amazing that a dreamy and sophisticated poppy flower with a very subtle scent and fragile look was chosen to symbolize death. There are some truly deadly plants known to the mankind, but this one is rather about transition than suffering. Thank you again, my friend! xx

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