Creepy Dandelion

Photo by –FlyTrapMan–



You creep in my yard.
A persistent weed that clings –
tenacious stalker.


Photograph by FlyTrapMan (Click here to visit and follow his blog). ❀


  1. Brilliant words, Dear Poem, but I must add…some person’s weeds are another’s flower and dandelions are very useful for wildlife, both the early nectar and the seeds are used and relied upon by many creatures. The flower is in action most of the year and not many are…end of lecture!! xx

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  2. Within the limits of the classical/deterministic πŸ˜‰ framework, this post is a fine account of dandelions. I should link to it respectfully in my forthcoming post that will consider dandelions in the quantum/libertarian πŸ˜‰ framework I prefer. Need to work on my pix B4 posting.

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  3. These little buggers are all over, making me wonder, now, who really put them there and is watching me!! Yet I actually don’t mind them. To watch the transformation from youth to aging, allowing for regrowth as the wind carries them, just amazes me. Great write, Rose!!

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