My River

Photo by Paula C. Graham



He was my river.

Unpredictable currents

flowed from him

as he was calm

one day and then

raging the next.

Submerged in his love

left me breathless.


The photograph above is by Paula C. Graham (Click HERE to visit and follow her blog). ❀


    • Well, I believe you, Karmughil — no one I know travels as much as you do! You could have named other rivers you’ve seen, but it’s interesting you singled out the river in your hometown. No place like home! Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

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  1. I like the way you don’t suggest that this is either a positive or a negative. This poem would have a totally different tone if you replace ‘current’ with ‘currant’!

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  2. A relationship with someone like that would never be boring, but it might be a bit exhausting. Spontaneity in a relationship is great, but unpredictability (especially sudden rages) could be a little scary at times.

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