Drink From Rain

Photograph by FlyTrapMan 29177876773_e9f053a49a


Even small creatures

drink from rain and understand

the sun shines again.


Photograph by FlyTrapMan

Matt received over 5,700 views on Flickr for this gorgeous shot!!!


  1. While the splendid haiku could stand alone, it is better still with the splendid photo of the cricket, which appears to be about to get a drink from the droplet running down its face.

    Dunno how often crickets drink that way, but beetles in the Namib desert really do get their water by doing headstands on dune crests, letting windblown fog condense on their bodies, and drinking what drips down.

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    • Thanks much, Mel! I love the drop on his “nose!” Fly’s a wonder with his camera.

      I had no idea about those beetles doing handstands to get water! Amazing how nature always finds a way.

      Speaking of “amazing,” I shall email you soon regarding your exceptional haiku poems. Thank you again for taking that project on. 😘

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      • Your poem has a good timing, Rose. A couple of bad things happened one after another, and I know that more bad things will follow if I wont ‘drink that rain water’ with a positive attitude, right focus, and some healthy humor 🙂 We should humble ourselves and receive both the bad and the good as it comes xxxx

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      • I’m sorry to hear that bad things happened to you, Inese! It’s true that your positive attitude will carry you through these dark days and into the warmth. All my best thoughts and wishes for sunshine to reach you. A heart as genuine and generous as yours should only know lovely days, but unfortunately, life is not always kind. Hugs to you! xoxo

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      • Thank you sunshine! We shouldn’t let ourselves feel sad and desperate when unpleasant things happen. It only attracts more unpleasant things, which is exactly the case. I am working hard on fixing all that can be fixed 🙂 Many hugs! xxxx

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  2. Hello! How are you today? I’ve read your Blog Posts and I gotta tell you, I am very amazed and astonished with your Writings. I hope to read more of your posts. I will definitely follow your Page and I hope you can follow me back. Thank you!

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