Creating a Monster

Photo by Heriberto Herrera of

I’ve been in a funky mood.

Stay with me for awhile.

I feel so misunderstood.        

Carve me a radiant smile.

Inside, I’m caged and mixed up.

Why must I keep myself contained?

There’s no one else I can trust.

Here – take this knife.

Don’t hesitate – just thrust

it into my belly – deep.

Twist the blade.

Watch as my innards seep

down my skin,

splattering on the floor,

staining your shoes.

Don’t stop –

gut me some more

until I’m free

to express the me

I want to be –





  1. You could write a poem about pancakes and make it scary.
    You should promise to curse all of your readers who do not take part in the pumpkin carving contest. I think it’s only fair to the rest of us. Although, as a representative of the people who brought you the Jack O’ Lantern, I think carved potatoes and turnips should be allowed as they were the original item.

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  2. Just read the fact below on

    2016 is the first year in 666 years
    that Halloween falls on
    Friday the 13th. 👻👻👻

    Take a look.
    She has some great Halloween stuff. 💀💀💀

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  3. I wonder, Rose, how do you make it each time. Your poems ooze horror and are morbid at times, but there’s always a profound message in them.

    Isn’t there a monster in each one of us? And, at times, it unleashes itself. Actually, the knives of greed, hate, enmity and distrust make it show it’s real identity…




    Wonderful poem!

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    • Fantastic! Choose your weapon, Dru — 🔪 🗡 ⚔. I hope you enter SMM’s pumpkin carving contest — you can also carve a potato if that would be easier for you (this was Oggy’s idea since this all originated in Ireland).


  4. I wonder if all pumpkins aspire to be scary, bloody monstrosities? “Mommy, I want to grow up to be the scariest pumpkin in the whole patch.” Everyone–and thing–needs to have a dream.
    Lovely poem, Rose.

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  5. Its amazing how you could create such beautiful scary images and put them together in words…making it a beautiful yet bloody hell scary one..

    I am looking at my knife in my kitchen counter now…wonder what would i do with this hahahah

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