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7 Haiku Poems: Ghouls From Pluto

🛸 👽 🛸 👽 🛸 👽 🛸 👽 🛸 👽 🛸 👽 🛸 👽 🛸 👽 🛸 👽 🛸 👽 🛸 👽 🛸 👽 🛸 👽 Ghouls from dark Pluto Here to rob me of my treats Little bastard thieves I‘d knocked for hours My knuckles bleeding and cracked No one steals my stash I clutch my candies… Continue reading


I pull you close. You tell me no – Not tonight. Just one little kiss. I smell your sweat. It whets my appetite. You scare me, You whisper As I make you mine.… Continue reading

Nekomata Cat Ghost (For Erica)

I sit up in my *zaisu chair. Is that you? Are you there? Shadows flit across the floor. Blackness hisses, run out the door! Night has drawn the shades on another day. My… Continue reading

Haiku Poems: Free the Monster

  Pull me from the dark – for you’ve resurrected me. Once dead, I now breathe.   Am I poetry – thoughts exhumed from darkened souls, striving to reach light?   Or am… Continue reading

Creating a Monster

Photo by Heriberto Herrera of freeimages.com I’ve been in a funky mood. Stay with me for awhile. I feel so misunderstood.         Carve me a radiant smile. Inside, I’m caged and mixed up. Why… Continue reading

Monster Masquerade – The End of the Party

Someone drank the bowl of blood punch. Who ate the whole plate of guppy eyeballs? Very funny. The raven foot crackers are nothin’ but crumbs…Gila lizard toenail pie? Nope. Gone. Fried alpaca tongues?… Continue reading

Monster Masquerade – Poem 20151030

Poem 20151030 (By Crow) Halloween party not a single vampire –well, this kinda sucks *Humorous and dark poem by Crow (Click here to visit and follow his blog). ❤ **Concept title card by… Continue reading

Monster Masquerade: Sugar. Caramel. And Rats.

Did you hear that? The scratching behind your bedroom wall kept you awake all summer. You can’t sleep. You can’t dream. They sit in the shadows. They stare at you. Whiskers… …Incisors… …Snout…… Continue reading

Monster Masquerade – Halloween Freak Out

Halloween Freak Out (By AJ O’Brien) Oh boy. It’s dark out here! Don’t worry, there’s nothing to fear. What about the living dead? Good point, enough said – not to mention the undead.… Continue reading

Monster Masquerade – Happy Halloween…

  Happy Halloween (By Triple Clicka) In the white moonlight By the light of the full moon I wait, For the ghoulish fools to come knock on my door, “Come in, come in…” … Continue reading