Haiku Poems: Free the Monster

unnamed (2)

Illustration by Poet Rummager


Pull me from the dark –

for you’ve resurrected me.

Once dead, I now breathe.


Am I poetry –

thoughts exhumed from darkened souls,

striving to reach light?


Or am I story –

ghosts adrift lost and forlorn

in cerebral night?


Write me on paper.

Free the monster in your head.

I need to be read.


Do you have a monster in your head pounding on your cranium walls? Let it out! 

On Slasher Monster Magazine, FlyTrapMan and I are hosting a 2017 Horror Writing Contest. Submit a terrorific story or poem, and you may win $50…. there are two other cash prizes, as well. Every monster wins, because each work submitted will be published on SMM with links to your blog & websites.

Contest ends on October 15th.

For more info, click HERE!

Free your monster!