Nekomata Cat Ghost (For Erica)


Painting by Erica Borey (koalarazorclock)

I sit up in my *zaisu chair.

Is that you? Are you there?

Shadows flit across the floor.

Blackness hisses, run out the door!

Night has drawn the shades

on another day.

My lap is cold without your fur.

Yet in the corner, I hear you purr.

Transfixed on me, are two eyes of red.

I smile; not caring. I know you’re dead.

For it was me who buried you.

I’d carved the stone and sealed your tomb.

Yes, it was me who laid you to rest

before you’d taken one last breath.

Claws rake deep across my throat,

and before I can even shout,

my detached head slaps on the ground.


In Japan, cats and death go hand in hand. The nekomata cat ghost is said to have the powers of raising the dead. The more abused a cat has been, the more powerful its nekomata can become. Vengeance becomes a strong motivator for them.

*Zaisu is a Japanese chair with no legs.

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A Word From Erica Borey

icm_fullxfull.130264559_ir7n6iw9migw0c0cgw0oI’m just a lady that likes to paint people, pets, and random things I am inspired by, like Over the Garden Wall, awesome movies, and my baby girl. My strengths are watercolor, oil, and pencil, and my weaknesses are self-promotion and charging a respectable amount for a customized piece of art. I think my work is pretty darn good if I do say so myself, and you will probably like it if you get some. 

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