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Nekomata Cat Ghost (For Erica)

I sit up in my *zaisu chair. Is that you? Are you there? Shadows flit across the floor. Blackness hisses, run out the door! Night has drawn the shades on another day. My… Continue reading

Monster Masquerade – Poem 20151026

Poem 20151026 (By Crow)   In the white moonlight the cat’s shadow leaps away –but where is the cat?   *Stunning and mysterious poem by Crow (Click here to visit and follow his… Continue reading


An old man fell down Help me, he begged. Unmoved, his cat merely stared back. *Pictured is my favorite cat figurine from Victorian England.  It’s not for sale, but I thought I’d share it with… Continue reading


She arched her back, stretching from a luxurious nap. Smiling, she recalled her dream of silken sheets and warm milk. Abruptly, the hair stood at the base of her neck, suddenly aware of eyes… Continue reading


I heard you smiling It crackled through the concrete The sound scared my cat *Today I made our grumpy neighbor smile.  He asked me if I knew who parked a car in front… Continue reading

The Cat Did It

Toy head on my chair My cat, Timi’s telling me, Play with me or else *Our cat, Timid (Timi), loves her toys and has decapitated one of them, or so it seems and… Continue reading