Five Haiku Poems: From Stone

DesertRoseEDIT (1).jpg
Photo by –FlyTrapMan–

She repeats his name.
Light within has diminished.
He isn’t to blame.

Hands that touched and teased,
now entrapped in monolith.
Love has atrophied.

She kisses cold lips.
Perhaps if she rubs his skin,
would the warmth set in?

His eyes once jet blue,
now stare into nothingness –
devoid of all hue.

Break Medusa’s reign.
Chisel his heart out from stone.
Let it leap again.

**My poetry was inspired by Tale Told’s gorgeous poem, Gorgon’s Veil.**


I finally drew your monster, Ivor…


Check your plumbing and visit Ivor!



  1. Beyond beautiful, Rose! I love especially the last haiku with Medusa’s reign! (That’s me being a sucker for Greek mythology 😉)
    And that lovely Ivor monster is simply adorable with that tooth looking so sheepishly out! 😄😚💗

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  2. This one could mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, which is something I admire and look for in writing, poetry and otherwise. In any case, it is truly beautiful.
    Great job depicting Ivor’s inner monster.

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  3. Thanks for sharing my photograph! Your creative talents always add a new perspective.

    His eyes once jet blue,
    now stare into nothingness –
    devoid of all hue. — (definitely my favorite part of the poem)

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  4. You’ve a heart like the golden vein in quartz
    Your eyes are like the brightest opal stone
    And your Monster drawing is like a scary gnome

    Lovely poem Rose, and the cutest Monster plumber, and I’ve had a broken front tooth since I was 16, haha, how did you know that, so very eerie !!

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  5. Nice poem Poet Rummager….
    Love from one side is a hell indeed…a sane person should protect his heart from being given to the person who doesnt deserve it….
    A nice monster it is…
    Have a good day my friend !!!

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