Illustration by Poet Rummager

My masts are engulfed in
flames that do not burn. 

Scavenging pirates scatter,
empty-handed, with no booty they yearn. 

St. Elmo, be with me,
a refugee from a hostile land –
a sailor of the sea. 

Let the shadows cast their darkest deeds. 

This torch blazing within is the weapon I need. 

Guide me through waters unstable and stormy. 

Find harbor for all in welcoming lands of sanctuary.


*St. Elmo is the patron saint of sailors.

**St. Elmo’s fire is a weather phenomenon of blue or purple plasma that has the appearance of fire. It’s considered to be a good omen.

This poem was inspired by a conversation I had with FlyTrapMan.

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  1. I Love this poem Rose.
    You are indeed a gifted writer. Bravo.

    And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

    I just love your accent. 💞💞💕

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  2. This my lady is exceptional writing. You had me when you mentioned St.Elmo’s fire… beautiful. They say that he stole the flame from the Underworld while Beazulba was out courting Persephonie. Who can say… The Illustration has me wondering in a good way as the many sides to it. Just like us all

    As I sit here and ponder… jc

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  3. I think how terrifying it must have been for sailors of long ago–not knowing sometimes where they were going and witnessing sights they didn’t understand.

    There are many in need of safe harbors and sanctuary now.

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    • Beautifully worded, Somali. Yes, the unfortunate refugees; including children, are displaced and poorly treated. There must be a way all countries can come together and find solutions for housing refugees whose lives are at stake if they stay home or find the will to leave. Thank you! 💋


  4. St. Elmo’s Fire was usually observed toward the end of a thunderstorm, and that’s probably why sailors believed St. Elmo’s Fire was a positive omen. Your title card is hotter than plasma! The recording was sharp and clear, too.

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  5. I loved this piece, and I was fascinated by your replies to the comments. You took the time to be creative with each reply and I commend you for that. 😊 As a side note, thank you so much for publishing my poem in SMM 😊💛

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  6. first and foremost…

    I will address the pink elephant in the sky…

    or room or whatever…

    Your voice is so sweet…

    I felt like I was on the front of the Titanic…

    with my arms out…

    before the ship capsized and everyone essentially drowned and died…

    and not because they heard Celine Dions music…

    the art is kool but the voice is the best painting👌👌👌👌👌

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