Monster Masquerade – The End of the Party


Someone drank the bowl of blood punch. Who ate the whole plate of guppy eyeballs? Very funny. The raven foot crackers are nothin’ but crumbs…Gila lizard toenail pie? Nope. Gone.

Fried alpaca tongues? Don’t make me laugh. No. Gone.

The moon has set and Monster Masquerade is over. The monsters are scurrying into the shadows…hey! Wait! Who’s going to help me clean this mess up? Damn it….hey!…is that what I think it is?…A cup of tarantula pudding! YESSSSS…the party ain’t over…yet.

A special thanks to all the monsters who joined the party! Every single one of you scary ghouls made all this possible—if it wasn’t for you—the ballroom would be cold and empty.

And that’s a scary sight no one wants to see.

Monster Masquerade continues October 2016!

(Farewell post written by multi-talented monster, FlyTrapMan–
Photo by him, as well. Okay, enough already! Geeeeez)


  1. Really? Not even monsters, witches and ghouls will help tidy up and wash the plates and dishes? I’ll give the Wicked Witch of the West a pass since she and water don’t seem to get on so well, but there’s no excuse for the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

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