Incandescent Me

Short film by FlyTrapMan – Click HERE to visit and follow his blog!

In the stream, the reflection of the moon can be seen.
If I drink the water, would I shine brighter?

If I were to submerge into the glowing depths,
would I then emerge an incandescent me?

Allow light to course through my veins
where only positive energy would remain.

Moon dust, cover the emptiness
that hovers in my soul.
Fill it with sparkles; erasing all
misery and turmoil.

Make me believe
with all my heart, I, too, can
be a beacon in the dark.


  1. The cricket orchestra returns! Thanks for sharing my water crescent movie — I never expected it would inspire you to write a lucid expression. Your words certainly added a distinct and visceral depth, which granted the film a dimension worth exploring.

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