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Haiku Film – Save A Life

Don’t shoot when you’re mad. Write feelings down in poems. Save a life – Haiku. I hope you enjoyed my 12 second microfilm! I’m now offering the gun pen with my original handwritten… Continue reading

Incandescent Me

Short film by FlyTrapMan – Click HERE to visit and follow his blog! In the stream, the reflection of the moon can be seen. If I drink the water, would I shine brighter?… Continue reading

Metallic Knight

Photo by FlyTrapMan Metallic armor glistening as he conquers weaklings in his path.   There’s another metallic knight found in the insect kingdom — deadly and maneuvers like green lightning!  It’s the Tiger… Continue reading

Fires of Hades

  The horse was affright as fires of Hades scorched it. Hypnos rides tonight.   *Hypnos is a Greek god of the Underworld. (Image from freeimages.com)   My haiku was inspired by FlyTrapMan’s… Continue reading

A Fierce Imagination

Photo by freeimages.com   It sprung from the grass – a hungry plant with sharp teeth bit at my bare feet.   MicroFilm by FTM Moving Pictures https://www.flickr.com/photos/atomicslaps/24218169114/in/dateposted/   Click HERE to visit… Continue reading

Mr. Bonez Falls

    “It’s not how hard we fall that matters but our will to rise again.”     MicroFilm by FTM Moving Pictures   Mr. Bonez Falls   When Mr. Bonez falls flat… Continue reading

Mr. Bonez Learns to Walk!

  MicroFilm by FTM Moving Pictures   Climbing out of the grave, a skeleton escaped! Fresh from the dirt, his bones were rubbery and quite unsteady. After much practice, he developed a stumbling… Continue reading

You’ve Discovered a Treasure Chest!

MicroFilm by FTM Moving Pictures   Golden Equality   Opening the treasure chest, the king expected jewels and coins, but was in for a revelation! It contained a gaseous explosion that splattered and… Continue reading

Dead Things: A Friendly Favor

  Adrift He charged; mouth open. Teeth and nails prepared to tear. No recognition.   Above is Dead Things Episode 2, an exhilarating horror film by the multi-talented, Matt W. Childs (FlyTrapMan). ☠… Continue reading

Dead Things From Beyond the Grave

  Ravenous Hunger in his soul festers beyond his control – lost in the shadows.   ✨✨✨ Above is a brilliant macro film by the multi-talented, FlyTrapMan. Click here to read and follow… Continue reading