Photograph by RV John



I run along a road.
Shadows rise up.
I welcome the cold.
Envelope me in
tendrils of vapor.
Find my lips –
taste the bitterness
of cruel words
I’ve ingested.
Wrap me in
a cloak of haze.
Dim my thoughts
of gracious days.
Let the fog hover
over me like
a nebulous lover.
Sighing, I disappear
into the misty air.

Photograph by RV JOHN. Click HERE to visit and follow his blog.

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    • When the time comes for me to leave, I’ll place you in my bosom. When I miss you when we’re apart, I’ll remember to just feel the beating of my heart. Aw, I smiled at your words, Shel! Thank you. 💋❤️

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        • I think that’s great you grew four of them! We have a pumpkin carving contest on my other blog if you’d like to submit your daughter’s pumpkin. There’s a $50 Amazon or eBay gift card for a prize which we’d just email to the winner. It’s open to anyone who’d just write “SMM” on a piece of paper and take a pic of that with the pumpkin. You can send the photo to me if you guys decide to give it a go. We’ll post the photo, as well.

          Anyway, just an idea, okay? It would be fun. 🙂

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            • Terrific! The carving doesn’t have to be perfect, and I’ll post the pics on my blog, too. SMM is a very dark place for kids, and this blog is somewhat more tame 😀

              Hope to see the carvings! If your son changes his mind, he’s more than welcome to join in, too. We just ask the photos to be sent in by the 27th or 29th.


  1. This one is a very lovely poem too. A couple of your commenters mentioned dreamy, which I think is a good description of the atmosphere of it. Disappearing into the nebulous air sounds like something I’d like to do if I have some memories I’d rather forget.

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