Five Haiku Poetry: Mime Frog

Title Card by FlyTrapMan


Croak silent ribbit.
Green amphibian mimic.

I am what I am.

Quiet as can be –
I dare not say anything.
Noise just betrays me. 


You see, there are those
with sharp claws above my head.
If I croak, I’m dead. 

Silently I sing.
My heart’s my sole audience-
thumping in rhythm. 

I reach my last note,
and bow on the swampy shore.
My heart sighs, “Encore.”


Haiku poetry by Poet Rummager and FlyTrapMan


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  1. I’ve been swimming in my own slime
    Playing sea hunt in my own spit
    It’s safe to say that circumstances
    Have got me in a choke hold
    I’ve been trying for days to break free
    I saw the wall coming
    Couldn’t find the brakes
    Now I’m licking my wounds
    Trying to remember how many did I ……….
    I just thought I should dropped by
    And see how the rest of you
    are doing
    It’s going to be ok
    The owl is watching
    The Sheldon Perspective

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    • Wow! Absolutely enthralling, dear Mel; especially the part when it’s stated how bats can tell if a frog is poisonous by the sounds it produces! Oh, why didn’t others pick up on that every time toxic Trump would open his big mouth and croak?!

      Thanks for the video! xo

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