Building Walls

Photograph by Nadia Szopinska of


The monster builds walls –

saying he’ll protect us all.

That proves to be false.


What he builds is hate –

an all-encompassing gate.

Goodwill kept at bay.


Respect and kindness –

those are sadly absent. He’s

not my president!!!


  1. I have never posted anything about the two candidates before. I was not fond of any of them though. Yet, there is so much hate and violence in the streets of American cities right now, that I don’t see how the other candidate’s supporters can be considered a lovable, peaceful, progressive people. As I would do with any outcome of the elections, I hope for the best for this country. President has very little to do with our behavior, our personal qualities and the changes we can make to have a better future for all. Shame on the bigots and haters.

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    • I, too, cannot condone any violence. Fortunately, most of the protests have been peaceful. No politician can be fully admired, but it’s unacceptable to have a presidential candidate brag about grabbing women and inciting violence in his own rallies. Trump didn’t win the popular vote, and I can understand why there are so many who are outraged and frightened.

      You’re right, a president has little to do with the choices we make in life, but what do we tell our youth when the man who will be president is a bully and a racist? Do we say: Act with decency and respect for all mankind, so kids, do not follow the examples of the president, even though he is considered to be the nation’s leader? What a confusing and devastating time for America!

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      • Rose, there is nothing we can do. I too never expected him to win. Never. This was a hard time to make a choice, indeed. But what happened, has happened. We will see what the new administration is going to do. As we all know, whatever they are blabbering during their campaigns, never happen in real life. I understand how people are upset, but we have to suck it up, and give the other party a try. It is a democratic process, and someone always wins. Of all this nightmare, I really don’t like the fact that politicians and the media have divided people, and used and manipulated them. We should stop spreading hate, but choose the right things and stick to them. No extremist is ever right, and the truth is somewhere in the middle. We have to reach to each other, and listen to each other, no matter who is the president. Lets see whom he will choose to work together. No panic yet. You know I have a daughter in the US and I have already got extra grey hair this year, seriously. But it is the hate I am afraid the most, because hate means violence.

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    • Trump has said some terrible things about China and repeatedly called the country a “currency manipulator.” I wonder if he’s bad mouthing China because he really believes what he says, or is it because he owes the banks there between $250 and $650 million dollars. It’s no secret how he hates paying his creditors, and is actually due to go to trial because of his complete disregard for paying what he owes. What a great person, huh?

      Yes, Andy, you’re safer in China.

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  2. An excellent set of Haikus Rose.
    And oh so true.
    Why on earth did the people of America
    allow this imbecile to become the most powerful
    man on earth?

    He reminds me of the character Greg Stilton, from
    the novel The Dead Zone, by Stephen King. 😟

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    • Thank you, dear Alan. I know that voters are tired of the ineffective members of our government, and he pedaled his snake oil promises all around the regions where repressed and angry people resided. Now, that he’s been elected, he’s rounding up the same inept figureheads for his cabinet, who only cater to the 1%.

      I read Dead Zone years ago and had to google “Greg Stilton.” Ah, so true! 😦

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  3. This is fantastic. I feel your pain. We are experiencing regressive politics in the U.K. too and it is deeply depressing. Love, peace, goodwill, trust, equity, truth and hope will come out on top in the end. For now we hunker down.

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  4. It is so sad that even with all the hope we had (and I am thinking of the words of Inese here) that he is turning out to be every bit as disgusting as we feared he would be. Your poem captures both th expats and present, Rose.

    While I am here, could I ask what you thought of the anonymous poem I published on my blog? I think it is rather good, but am sure my delight on having a poem written about a photobooth appear in a comment, could be clouding my judgement. I didn’t ask on my post as I thought you might be unable to offer an honest opinion where it may be seen!

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