I Stand


Photograph by Asif Akbar of Freeimages.com

Wedged in a tight space,
dark surrounds and comforts me.
Soul screams to be free.

I push against walls.
Fragile membrane splits and breaks.
Light warms my cold face.

Closed eyes now open.
World beckons me to waken.
Unsteady, I stand.


Eggs. Apart from eating them, you can also hunt for them. It’s been days since Easter, so the ripe aroma will help you find these forgotten eggs.

Put your safari garb on and follow me to SMM’s egg hunting and story collaborating fun at the Bloody Bunny event found:

              ↪️ ↪️ ↪️ ↪️ ↪️ ↪️ ↪️ HERE!↩️ ↩️ ↩️ ↩️ ↩️ ↩️ ↩️


Event sponsored by FlyTrapMan and Poet Rummager.