Photo by FlyTrapMan



I buried you today.

You tried to resist me.

I was able to push you down into the dirt

where I covered you, so you wouldn’t get hurt.

My tears spilled and seeped through the soil.

You felt them and understood my turmoil.


I buried you today.

You cause me too much pain –

an open wound that can never be repaired –

a weakness within me that should learn not to care.

I’ve hidden you deep below the earth where it’s dark.

 As I cry for you, I know it’s best we keep apart.

I’ve made a headstone and written on it in my blood:

“Rest in Peace, my fragile and fractured heart.”


To read a brooding & romantic poem about another broken heart and to visit my art, click

↪️ ↪️ ↪️ ↪️ ↪️ ↪️ ↪️ HERE ↩️ ↩️ ↩️ ↩️ ↩️ ↩️ ↩️


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  1. Your poem has a potent and lyrical rhythm! The audio is also clear…did you record your voice in the closet again? Haha.

    There was a toad sleeping inside of that tiny rock cave. But it’s not visible in the image.

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  2. As I’ve mentioned a couple of times before, Rose, I particularly like the poems that you read yourself. I guess that makes sense, though. The writer of a poem or a story is likely to be the person who knows how to read it most effectively.

    Hearts, they cause us such problems, eh? We can’t live with them and can’t live without them (um… literally in the latter case).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha! Quite right, we pretty much can’t take even a short vacation without our heart, dear BunK. You really know how to not only give the gift of laughter but also the gift of joy (as in your kind words). Thank you ❤

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