Beauty in the Dark

Photograph by FlyTrapMan



Is beauty sunshine
and flowers? Or does it, too,
reside in shadows?

Deep inside we plant
wishes entrusting the heart
to keep them secret.

As the sun turns off
the light and makes room for gloom,
moon’s crescent smile blooms.


Read a short story of a girl who finds her beauty in the dark by clicking

↪️ ↪️ ↪️ ↪️ ↪️ ↪️ ↪️ HERE ↩️ ↩️ ↩️ ↩️ ↩️ ↩️ ↩️


  1. What a wonderful photo ,taken by Mr Fly, to illustrate your poem.. I LOVE darkness as you can see stuff not normally seen!! Stars, Comets, planets, Moonlight and so on, you can wonder what is reality, light or dark or both!.

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    • Thank you — it’s always a joy when I find an image that suits my poetry so well. Fly’s photos have never disappointed me.

      Shadows have been my friend when the light has been blinding. I truly love reading your story and have done so many times.

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      • Yes, both Fly and yourself are amazingly multi-talented people. Thank God you learned to (mostly) use your skills for good instead of evil. Thanks again for liking my story, too; there was one section I really struggled with; if I’d done a better job…oh, well! I’m glad you liked it. (Love that line in your comment ‘shadows have been my friend when the light has been blinding. If that’s not in one of your works, it oughts be.) Many thanks. 🙂

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  2. Sunshine lights the many manifestations of beauty, but moonlight brings out the exquisite, makes darkness and all that inhabit it things of shadowy perfection. Plus, as Crow stated, it’s easier on the skin.
    Lovely work, Rose.

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  3. Wonderful poetry as ever, Rose. Actually, I think a great many things look more beautiful in the dark, such as many modern industrial cities. All the grit and grime disappears and we’re left with only hundreds of brilliant and colorful points of light.

    My house also looks much tidier in the dark.

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