Photograph by Cop Richard of Freeimages.com

I keep you all underneath my bed.

Pain, Horror, and Fear loving cold floors instead

of fluffy soft pillows and coverlets.


I hear you stir when I grab my pen.

Pain peers at my pages – so intense

with red eyes unblinking and wide open.


With dramatic flair, Horror leaps onto my bed.

His clothes torn, and hair standing on ends.

He snickers; biting bloody and mangled hands.       


Fear is usually the last to show.

She drags a dirty rag doll in tow –

sucking her thumb and rocking to and fro.


They take turns reading aloud my work –

Grunting, clapping, and acting absurd.

“Write more,” they demand; when reaching the final word.


I shake my head, “It’s late, my friends.“

Grumbling –

Shoving –

Sighing –

they finally disappear under my bed.

It’s quiet again.


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