Too Much


Pressed against me tight,

I can’t breathe and realize –

You suffocate me.


Have you ever had a lover that smothered you way too much? Read about the perils of dating someone who just can’t keep their hands off of you

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(Photo by Michael Kaufmann of


  1. Love the ending. I agree with scooj. A little smothering is good but when the paranoid delusions come out, I’m outta there: “Hon, why would I hide someone under the bed when I can simply stash him in the closet?”

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  2. Loved this, and FTM’s story as well; both excellent and had me laughing because of incident I woke up thinking of just last night. I’m the only man in the world who has ever complained about too much attention from a woman…well, maybe not the only one. Great work.

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  3. I didn’t read this like it was about a person at first, more like as an anxiety attack, but I love the subtle creepiness to it. I can see how a little suffocation can be okay, especially if there is a little playfulness in it (I’m giving away some slightly personal details by saying that, but I can’t say it more honestly than that haha).
    I love that this haiku can be a kind of short suspense story. I really enjoy this one! 🙂

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