Moon Lust

Photograph by Monica – Click here to visit and follow her blog!


Cumulus lusted after the Moon.

For centuries, he hid in her shadow –

gazing at her luminescent face,

enthralled by her radiant glow.

One scorching summer, he grew brave –

wiping her moistened brow

and spritzing her with dew.

She murmured her thanks

but kept her distance.

The cloud’s anger grew into a flurry.

Thunder rumbled in his heart.

Lust replaced with fury.

Turbulence shook the air

as Cumulus surrounded her –

begging her to show some care.

The haughty moon laughed at him –

branding him a fool.

She claimed there was no one

worthy of her love and attention

except for the golden sun.

So, shoo, you silly, wispy cloud!

I could never love you.

Cumulus crumpled and drifted away.

Shame injured him deep inside,

and the giant cloud vaporized.

It rained for several days.


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  1. Everyone felt bad for the cloud in the comments, but he seemed a little presumptuous to me. Can’t take “no” for an answer. Then he rains all over the place.

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