Under Sheets


The snake seeks to hide.
Where it’s warm, she lets him in.
Under sheets, she screams.


Late at night, is it a blissful scream that escapes you, or is it something twisted that makes you howl? Come with me to find the answers by clicking —

↪️ ↪️ ↪️ ↪️ ↪️ ↪️ ↪️ HERE ↩️ ↩️ ↩️ ↩️ ↩️ ↩️ ↩️

(Photo by Foxumon of freeimages.com)


  1. sometimes you get more than you bargain for
    I know I have
    Sometimes the snake can be bigger than its eyes
    A scream will it can be a release
    Just as tears of joy
    An adrenaline rush
    There’s all sorts of primal behavior that can occur
    The Sheldon Perspective

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  2. Hope the snake is happy now. Hope U don’t mind my being in a bad boy mood after writing a high-minded historical post.

            Snake finds warm dry place.
            Warm wet place is better still,
            for another thing.

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