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Five Haiku Poems: Phallic Dreams

Dreaming of glory, young men fear nothing except their naiveté.   Clumsily blushing, they wish for carnal knowledge. Cursed virginity!   From experience comes power as men count up notches on bedposts.  … Continue reading

Your Belt

  You approach me with your belt and a glint in your eye. You think you’re scary, but I try not to smile. *Photographs from freeimages.com

Five Haiku Poem: I Soar

Photograph by FlyTrapMan – Click HERE to visit and follow his blog!   There’s a storm inside. Heart palpitates rapidly- breathless and dizzy.   Tornado grasps me. My feet off the floor, I… Continue reading

Under Sheets

The snake seeks to hide. Where it’s warm, she lets him in. Under sheets, she screams.   Late at night, is it a blissful scream that escapes you, or is it something twisted… Continue reading

Leanhaum-Shee Fairy Door

My love, come inside. I wait here; parched and thirsty. Stay close and quench me.   *The Leanhaum-Shee is a vampiric fairy who preys on a man; making him her lover. She then… Continue reading


Photo by Graham A Stephen (http://geotopoi.wordpress.com) Thread me in and out. I unravel when you’re gone. Mend me with your kiss.   Read my dark story about another frayed lover by clicking  … Continue reading

Hot Cayenne

Hot Cayenne sizzles. The heat burns deep within her. Flames lick, and she moans.   Would you like the recipe? I was inspired by Tales of Fantasy and Adventure! (Click here to visit… Continue reading

Body Language

  They rubbed to ignite a fire which consumed their thoughts. Words weren’t needed now.   (Photo by Dany Sabadini of freeimages.com)


Photo by Graham A Stephen (http://geotopoi.wordpress.com)   A clap of thunder woke her from slumber. She shivered but not from fear. Raindrops trickled on warm skin – trailing down her neck and over… Continue reading

The Hard Way to Heaven

Photo by –FlyTrapMan–   Mama told me never to play in the dark. Be a good girl. Get down on your knees only in church. He stood in the shadows with his back… Continue reading