Five Haiku Poems: Phallic Dreams

Banana, symbolic of safe sex in the modern world
Photo by Robert Owen-Wahl of

Dreaming of glory,
young men fear nothing except
their naiveté.
Clumsily blushing,
they wish for carnal knowledge. 
Cursed virginity!
From experience
comes power as men count up
notches on bedposts.
When age ascends fast,
mid-life crisis make heads spin.
Time can’t be turned back.
Nostalgia wakes.
Glory days can be revised.
Old men dream of sex.

Haiku poetry by Mellow Curmudgeon and Poet Rummager

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  1. First, I’d like to thank both of you for putting me off bananas. These are great haiku, funny but sort of wistful too.
    You can currently see my bedpost notch carvings at the exhibit “Totem Poles of the Celtic World and eastern United States; A Retrospective.”

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    • Well, just as long as Mrs. Og isn’t put off from a particular banana, then no worries, right? 😀 Thanks so much! It was a pleasure collaborating with Mel.

      Ah, so your totem pole pays homage to the ladies of Ireland and the East Coast of America! Well, well, well, one less mystery of yours to scratch off or is that to notch off? 😉

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  2. I left a comment earlier, but WordPress seems to have swallowed it whole. Like it just took the whole thing down it’s throat, know what I’m saying?

    Anyway, these poems are very appealing. But like Oglach, I’m probably off the nanners for a while. Nuts though, still on the menu.A big ol’ sack of them.

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