Five Haiku Poem: I Soar

Photograph by FlyTrapMan – Click HERE to visit and follow his blog!


There’s a storm inside.
Heart palpitates rapidly-
breathless and dizzy.


Tornado grasps me.
My feet off the floor, I soar
high above the trees.


The earth grows smaller.
Flying past planets and stars,
I inhale moonlight.


Beams radiating
from my body and bursting
out of every pore.


I succumb to you,
spent and exhilarated,
riding your rocket.


Inspired by JW’s captivating poem, No Love For Twister – Click HERE to visit and follow his blog!


  1. Maybe I should leave this lovely quintet alone, but I succumb to the Muse of Naughty Doggerel …

    With a rocket in her socket,
            did she fly off past the moon?
    No, the countdown left her earthbound
            ‘cuz the blastoff came too soon.

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  2. I almost fell off my perch, reading the above comments…I seem to think I had already responded to your post…but my pearly words seem to have evaporated. So…just to say that I almost fell of my perch, but why is the question.

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  3. The picture and the haiku when read together, they make you float between the air and the magic. Very calm and serene.🌌


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