Pour Into Me



I can be your secret friend.

Pour into me all your dreams.

Tell me thoughts you keep hidden.

I’ll stay silent.

I’ll listen.

Take me into your bed.

Slide your finger down my spine.

I’ll sit here patiently on your lap.

You can take all your time.

Turn me here

and turn me there.

Spread me open –

I won’t tear.


*Inspired by my writer’s journal

– Photo by Matthew Bowden from freeimages.com


    • You’re right! A blank journal page is like an undiscovered country. Not many things more titillating for a writer. I’m away from my journal now, but I quiver thinking of getting my hands on it again. 📙 😍

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    • I don’t know, BunK, numbers can be pretty sexy; especially when sprawled out on a page. There’s also something about how the number 9 has that amazing bicep! Lol. Thank you, my handsome and beak-less woodpecker friend 😀

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  1. So I kept flipping to earlier posts and finally I stopped and this is where I landed. Dare I say, I’m quite taken away with your poetry and verse.

    Keep up the amazing work! 😉

    Cheers! ^_^


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