Leanhaum-Shee Fairy Door


My love, come inside.

I wait here; parched and thirsty.

Stay close and quench me.


*The Leanhaum-Shee is a vampiric fairy who preys on a man; making him her lover. She then gradually sucks up his life force during their lovemaking sessions until he becomes no more than an empty shell and dies. (listverse.com)

This post was inspired by a conversation with Inese.


Fascinated by blood thirsty creatures? There are some lurking in innocent places — like your garden or even your shoes! Meet them by clicking

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This post was sponsored by Radiant Farms; makers of the delicious Unicorn Meat, product of Ireland.

This photo is for you, Dorinda!


  1. Vampire fairies and unicorn meat…I’m not sure why I enjoy that combination in a single post so much…And what an unapologetic voyeur the moon is! It sees all but smiles and says nothing.
    I love the haiku and the picture, together they conjure up a lovely little scene full of dark deception. Sweetness before screaming.
    In a way, I suppose this also applies to the canned unicorn. On a side note, I bet it tastes like birthday cake or some sort of dessert (because it is magical and that would be totally unexpected) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I liked the poem, Rose. Despite the red-hot content, I wasn’t shocked. I can’t say the same about the can of meat, though. I simply can’t believe in this day and age people are still eating unicorns! I just hope they’re free-range unicorns and not factory-farmed ones. 😦


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