Photograph by Markovich Photo Art



You bid the day farewell.
Once golden and strong,
your brilliance fading
as night calls to the moon.
Falling from this earth,
it no longer hurts
to look directly at you.
Your radiance now cooling.
Your glory more subdued.
You leave an intimation of light
as you vanish from view.


Photograph by Markovich Photo Art (Click here to visit and follow his blog).


  1. That’s a nice poem, Rose. I actually felt a little sad when I read it, for some reason. I thought about the line from 2 Samuel, “How have the mighty fallen!” I don’t know why, though. I mean, it all starts again the next day, doesn’t it?

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  2. Such a delicious and happy
    poem Rose.

    I was waiting for the bit when
    darkness is falling
    and the dead come a calling.
    Just teasing. ☀️

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  3. The poem is a beautiful tribute to the setting sun. There is also a nice detail in the photo that makes it an especially good one to illustrate the poem. Ordinarily, the towers for wires that transmit electricity are eyesores. Here, however, the towers stand modestly on either side of the sun, ready to help fill in for Old Sol when somebody needs light before he returns.

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