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Haiku: Into Night

Day tugs off her dress Arches her back and stretches She melts into night


Photograph by Markovich Photo Art   You bid the day farewell. Once golden and strong, your brilliance fading as night calls to the moon. Falling from this earth, it no longer hurts to… Continue reading

Dreaming the Moon

Art by Intricate Knot   You’re above me – so far I can’t touch you. Yet, I know your dreams. They scatter in the night – parallax of light.   When you shine,… Continue reading

Says the Night to the Moon

  When you look into my eyes, do you see the dark? You say there’s light in my skies, but you don’t know what I’d do if I could have you. I’d take… Continue reading

Sugary Stars

We fly through night skies Handful of sugary stars I feed Pegasus   *Spectacular photo from FlyTrapMan

Night Reading

They say love is blind I’ll be your Braille. Touch and feel The bliss on my skin   (Photo from Salon.com) *Random fact:  According to the National Federation of the Blind, only 10%… Continue reading

Giver of Sleep

Goddess Nyx tucked Sky In star drenched blankets and gave Him the moon to hold *The Greek Goddess, Nyx is known as the “giver of sleep.”  She’s found in the shadows of the… Continue reading

Night Travels

Somber words floating, stretching and seeking the veiled recesses of my heart. The chambers sealed shut, preventing light’s touch where aphotic thoughts reign as kings. Sight of night skies makes the blood flow… Continue reading

I Prefer Midnight

I prefer midnight, dancing in the corner, in the quiet, no longer chasing buses with babies crying while mothers seeking solitude nap with one eye open. I prefer midnight, shunning the glare of… Continue reading