Dreaming the Moon

Art by Intricate Knot



You’re above me –

so far I can’t touch you.

Yet, I know your dreams.

They scatter in the night –

parallax of light.


When you shine,

no one can look away.

Do you see me stare

and wonder the thunder

that booms in my chest?


Your brilliance moves me.

Clay feet on this planet

affixed by gravity.

Your magnetic pull draws

the world to your door.


Waning moon, stay near.

Don’t keep me in this apogee.

Rock me gently in the night sky.

Point out the celestial stars

as mapped in the ephemeris

so I may make my wish.


Parallax: the apparent motion of an observed object against the background caused by the movement of the observer.

Apogee: the farthest point from the Earth in the Moon’s orbit.

Ephemeris: an almanac which contains the position of celestial bodies in the sky.

(Terms by moonconnection.com)


🌛 🌜🌛 🌜Artwork by Intricate Knot(Click HERE to visit and follow her blog). ❤ 🌛 🌜