Says the Night to the Moon



When you look into my eyes,

do you see the dark?

You say there’s light in my skies,

but you don’t know what I’d do

if I could have you.

I’d take all your glimmer –

hide it in the shadows of fallen stars

and take delight as you grow dimmer.

Your crescent smile would fade

in my hands where a frown would form.

I’d dance in the gloom that I’ve made.

You’d stare at me with those big craters

in surprise when you realize

I never loved you, you silly moon.


(Photo from


Book Trailer by –FlyTrapMan–


  1. I read this quite swiftly at first and enjoyed its humor, but reading it again, it was actually a very deep piece and very well thought out.

    Brilliant as ever Rose ❤ x

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  2. Because I just assume your poems will be great, I generally forget to even mention it these days. Every now and again, though, I suddenly remember that I should say so directly.

    Drumroll, please

    Rose, you’re poems are always great.

    By the way, if you don’t want the moon, can I have it? I used to have a bedside light that I used when reading before going to sleep each night. It broke for some reason, but hanging the moon above my bed would probably do. I’m not sure how I’d turn it off when I put my book down, though.

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  3. The moon’s orbit is currently speeding up — angular momentum lifts the moon into a higher orbit (due to Earth spinning at a much faster rate than the moon) — resulting in an increased distance of about 3.8 cm per year…which means the moon will eventually drift away, but will unlikely never leave Earth’s orbit completely…

    …which means…you’ll have to put up with the moon’s crescent smile…forever!!!! Hahahahaa

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