Jupiter Looks For Me

Photograph by FlyTrapMan


Jupiter looks for me through tangled limbs of twisted trees.

I hide beneath the dirt where I have laid for centuries.

My gravestone is faded, and my name no longer can be read.

I sleep now in deepest slumber among the silent and abandoned dead.

Yet he calls, so earnestly, as I’m lying here in my coffin bed.

I hear his voice reaching out to me like a persistent dream.

In the dark, I can feel his love and through my tears, I grin.


To read a captivating poem about a lost love, click

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  1. In the coffin you’re lovin to death
    and with a smile
    a please and thank you
    While my tear gently weep
    Great read rose
    It’s always a pleasure
    Got any padden city China
    The Sheldon Perspective

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  2. The poem has a hauntingly sad quality that I like (perhaps literally haunting given that the speaker is dead and buried). I have a serious question for once. A lot of your work has interesting references to old myths and legends so I was wondering if there was one underlying this poem too.

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  3. Ah, to be eternally loved, never forgotten, isn’t that everyone’s ultimate dream? Yes, though she hides away in death, it still touches her heart to be loved so. Beautiful, Rose.
    And FlyTrapMan’s photo is awesome.
    Bravo to you both.

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  4. Tell you husband I won’t take up too much of your time, plenty will be left over for him. 😀 I love your words as well…you weave pain and darkness together with a seeming effortless ease, creating a thing of dusky beauty. And I can see how Fly’s photos inspire you…he’s very talented.
    Btw, I finally got around to sending a submission to Slasher Monster yesterday.

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