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50 Word Story – Not Me

Photo by Graham A Stephen (   She cowered against the fence while others around her screamed. She remained calm and hopeful. Take her, him or them, she prayed quietly, but not me.… Continue reading

50 Word Story – Howling Storm

Photo by Graham A Stephen (   It was storming. The howling outside was unimaginable. Jason shrugged on a jacket. “Don’t go,” his wife begged. “My cigarettes are in the car. I won’t… Continue reading

50 Word Story – The Wish

Photo by Graham A Stephen ( She closed her eyes and made a wish. Watching the fluff from the dandelion float away with the breeze. She raced back inside the house, hoping her… Continue reading

50 Word Story – Stale Bread

The pain of his death was still prevalent. He’d left them destitute. Dinner was stale bread, and she’d lost her temper and spanked the children. Sighing, she tightened laces and swept the sole.… Continue reading

50 Word Story – Like Strawberries

Charles’ eyes drooped; poison consuming him. He’d soon be with Annabelle whom he’d strangled in the house. He saw a dark form, beyond the trees, approaching. “Anna?” The demon took his soul; no… Continue reading

50 Word Story – Churning Water

Fifteen of them were floating in water. But why? In confusion, they huddled together. Water started to churn and to their horror, sharp teeth began scraping and attacking them. Again and again, the… Continue reading

50 Word Story – A Great Fall

He felt dizzy and fell hard; his head bleeding profusely. Running to him, she, too, tumbled. Her arm snapped, and she screamed. She crawled painfully to him. “Are you okay, Jack?” He winced.… Continue reading

50 Word Story – Jerome

She had a long day at work and couldn’t wait to go home and just look into Jerome’s eyes. She smiled, entering the apartment. “Honey, I’m home!” She walked over to a cupboard… Continue reading

50 Word Story – Cold Shoulder

She was turned away from him, and he felt her distance. He closed the gap between them, reached out, and caressed her cheek. No response. He felt anger welling up inside. “You wouldn’t… Continue reading

50 Word Story: The Pizza Man

Jerry, the pizza man, was driving when his car hit something massive. It was dark, and it resembled a very large bird crushed under his car. Officer Jones shook his head. “Yeah, there’s… Continue reading