50 Word Story: The Pizza Man


Jerry, the pizza man, was driving when his car hit something massive.
It was dark, and it resembled a very large bird crushed under his car.

Officer Jones shook his head. “Yeah, there’s been an increase of fallen angel deaths;
it wasn’t your fault. Poor guy died from the fall.”


*Inspired by a car accident I had on September 3rd. I was rear ended by, yeah, you guessed it — a pizza man! No one was hurt, but my poor 2012 Scion IQ looked like this after the accident: 😦


No, unfortunately, I do not get free pizza for a year! Everyone asks me that 😀 Well, yesterday, I got my cute little IQ back! ❤


All is well again, and the angels are now singing, Hallelujah! (except, of course, for the poor fallen angel in my story)

(Pizza Man photo from Depositphotos.com)