50 Word Story – Dark Passenger


You need to lie.

“The last time I saw Barney was on Wednesday.”

“Are you sure?” Detective Higgins frowned.

I nodded. “Yes, I’m sorry.”

Driving home, he barked at me, Go get a shovel!

“After he’s buried, you need to stay out of my head.”

All he did was laugh.

* The Dark Passenger” was a concept used within the DEXTER Universe that represented the “demon” inside of Murderers that actively made them do terrible things. (Wikia.com)

My story was heavily influenced by Nick Gibbs’ excellent poem, ‘Late Night Disturbance.’

(Photo from Depositphoto.com)


  1. 🙂 And I do so strive to be a good influence. Heh heh heh. Revenge from beyond the grave, with extra lashings of the blackest of humour. A most delicious confection, Ms Rummager, and keep in mind the moral lesson – never f***k with laughing Barney. Dexter would be proud…

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    • Interesting. You read it completely differently than what I had in mind, but it’s all good. I loved your poem cuz it felt like the guy was hearing the voices in his head. That was my initial thought, then it twisted at the end, and it was like….wow, that’s different and way cooler than what I’d imagined. Thanks!

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  2. The beauty in this piece comes from not knowing whether Barney is the corpse or the murderer. The detective simply asks “are you sure?” This creates an even greater twist than expected. Great writing!!

    I will be spotty on reading and writing until October with many arrangements to continue with assisting my father through the process. Just wanted you to know again how much I appreciate you as well as your writing and humor.

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