50 Word Story – Churning Water


Fifteen of them were floating in water. But why? In confusion, they huddled together. Water started to churn and to their horror, sharp teeth began scraping and attacking them. Again and again, the onslaught of teeth until one was finally bitten.

“Whose turn to bob for apples?” Jenny called out.

(Photo from Freeimages.com)


  1. Sure, lead us in the direction of JAWS, the movie, and drop the bottom out from under us with a surprise ending. I’m kind of surprised I understood this since living in the south very few of us have any teeth. We used to call it gnawing for apples. In addition, this game has been outlawed in NC since it resulted in so many fatalities. Several of the instruction manuals excluded removing one’s head from the bucket causing several cases of self induced suffocation.

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    • Gnawing for apples?! Ouch. hahaha!! So mean but highly entertaining 😀 Wow, those instructions are way too vague! Lmao!! Oh, oh, my side is hurting. Dr. J, thought you were a doctor cuz you’re not acting like one — you’re killing me right now! hahahaha!!!

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