Pink Icing

Just out of his reach,

Pop Tart flaunts her pink icing.

Delicious nightmare.


*Inspired by a conversation with Francis of Qhapaq. xo

*Yummy photo by FlyTrapMan.


  1. Apparently the hot shower I just came from won’t suffice. Heading back for a cold one after reading this tantalizing poem. May have to follow this up with a night in the walk in refrigerator. Hopefully this will prevent the dreaded phone call to the ER informing them that the “4 hour time-frame” is quickly approaching and I’m on my way!!

    Congratulations, you have created a hyperemic response! That’s doctor talk for “I’m blushing!” That’s what I get for being a prude. I’m still laughing while writing this response. You are so talented and clever. People with real talent make it look so easy. Well done!!

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    • Oh, my, I think it got a little warm here 🙂 I’m beaming and laughing — my poem isn’t the only thing tantalizing tonight!

      Hyperemic. I like it…I’ve also read that hyperemia doesn’t just affect the cheeks? 😀

      Thank you, Dr. J ❤

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