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By Counting Sheep

Photo by Inesemjphotography By counting sheep, I try to sleep. Impossible since thoughts of you dance in my head with musical notes I can touch and gather in the palm of my hands.… Continue reading

I Lose My Head

Art by Intricate Knot   I lose my head whenever you’re near. The sound as it hits concrete, rings in my ear. You gasp and ask if I’m okay. My tongue is knotted;… Continue reading

Mr. Bonez Falls

    “It’s not how hard we fall that matters but our will to rise again.”     MicroFilm by FTM Moving Pictures   Mr. Bonez Falls   When Mr. Bonez falls flat… Continue reading

A Dozen Dead Roses

https://www.flickr.com/photos/atomicslaps/13227981623/in/album-72157659078962662/   For me? The ghost blushed. The mummy smiled. Bandages would come undone soon.   *A truly fantastic photo by FlyTrapMan (Click here to visit his blog). ❤

Turned White

https://www.flickr.com/photos/atomicslaps/22080040992/in/dateposted/ Frightened and shaking, the orange pumpkin turned white in Dracula’s hand.   *White pumpkin photo by FlyTrapMan (Click here to visit his blog). ❤

Pink Icing

https://www.flickr.com/photos/atomicslaps/12042773273/in/album-72157659078962662/ Just out of his reach, Pop Tart flaunts her pink icing. Delicious nightmare.   *Inspired by a conversation with Francis of Qhapaq. xo *Yummy photo by FlyTrapMan. ❤

I Love Coffee

A cup of coffee – Black like your eye if you don’t give it to me now! *Yummy coffee beans photo by FlyTrapMan. ❤

50 Word Story – Toxic

I returned to him. I always did. A toxic and intoxicating love. I shiver now; thinking of how he’d bend me over and slap my bottom until it was as red as Father… Continue reading

Vengeful Ghost

She woke; now a ghost Unseen. Floating. Snickering I’ll visit my ex (Photo from depositphotos.com)

Sugary Stars

We fly through night skies Handful of sugary stars I feed Pegasus   *Spectacular photo from FlyTrapMan