Turned White


Frightened and shaking,

the orange pumpkin turned white

in Dracula’s hand.


*White pumpkin photo by FlyTrapMan (Click here to visit his blog).


  1. Take the stem off and squint your eyes at the object in your hand and I think you’ve found the cure to avoiding pregnancy. As a matter of fact, the boys (as I sit here) appear to have gone on an unannounced journey commonly known as cryptorchidism. You may not like pain, but your skillful writing knows how to inflict (fun) fear! By the way, Lorena Bobbitt asked me to ask you if you need any additional props for future haikus?
    You seem to mix the perfect blend of fun and talent. I’ll bet you have as much fun writing your poetry as the reader has interpreting its various meanings. Always a joy to read.

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