Haiku Police


He slapped his face hard

5-7-5! Mel’s shouting

Fine! I’ll rewrite it

This haiku was inspired by Mellow Curmudgeon (Barry K Rosen) who is nothing short of a haiku guru. He also has a very sharp wit which has stabbed me a few times. When I first started writing haiku, he was and still is one of my most encouraging and supportive writer friend. He doesn’t pull the punches, either, and my ruddy complexion is all because of him! Just kidding….well, kinda.
Thank you, Mel. You must know how much I respect and adore you; hence, the violent haiku.

(Photo from Depositphotos.com)


  1. I can’t get to the Mellow Curmudgeon’s blog – getting a “link untrustworthy” message. Therefore, I’m a bit confused about this piece. I hope it all becomes clear.

    By the way, I like the new look here. It really makes a statement.

    P.S. I haven’t been on my DT pc for a bit, and my after loading iOs #whatever, I can’t get my regular reader. I’ve not been able to comment for this reason. Kat

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  2. This whole thing is a sneaky way to point folks to my post [On Rules: Moral Hazard; 5-7-5; …], which advocates respecting the rule w/o worshiping it. No handcuffs or tasers! Thank U, Poet Rummager.

    So far as I know, there is now a grand total of 4 funny haiku that are about themselves (Poet Rummager’s latest and the 3 in my post). If anybody knows of yet another, I would love to hear about it. Statements that talk about themselves are a big deal, as I try to explain in a whimsical way in another post [Trojan Horse in Bagelology].

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