True Riches


Tiny sea urchin

from the sea, touched him more than

the feel of money.


*This haiku was inspired by the ever so humble Bun Karyudo, whose insightful and hilarious blog, keeps my heart light and my laughter loud. (Click here to visit his blog).


(Photo from


  1. Words that many can benefit from.
    Appreciating the simple things in life and experiencing the joys they create add value to one’s life that far exceeds monetary value. That being said, how many sea urchins do you think it will take to pay Princess Cruise Lines for my 10 day Baja Mexican Riviera Cruise?

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  2. Hey, thank you! That’s so kind of you. Nobody’s ever written a haiku about me before (or indeed any kind of poetry if you exclude scribblers on high school walls). I think it’s wonderful. Where on earth did you manage to find a photograph of my sea urchin, though?

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