50 Word Story – Like Strawberries


Charles’ eyes drooped; poison consuming him. He’d soon be with Annabelle whom he’d strangled in the house. He saw a dark form, beyond the trees, approaching.


The demon took his soul; no bigger than a thumbnail, and chewed it like gum.

“Tastes like strawberries!”

Charles screamed in his mouth.


*Fruity photo by FlyTrapMan (Click here to visit his blog).


  1. With Halloween upon us I planned on dressing up in a White plastic garbage bag. Planned on popping it over the head and poking out two holes for arms. Have you guessed what my costume represents? If you guessed Casper, the friendly ghost I say nay nay. I planned on going as “white trash” 🙂
    Your poem has changed my mind. I shall go as a strawberry with makeup to enhance a crazy appearance (may not need the makeup 😉 ) searching door to door and verbally shouting as only a crazy man can, “has anyone seen my Annabelle?” the result of which may cause a mandated change of residency.

    All future correspondence can be sent to either of the following addresses:

    County Jail OR Southern Hospitality For The Criminally Insane
    Charlotte, NC Charlotte, NC

    You’re the only person I know that can write such dark tales and still make your reader’s face experience a multitude of expressions. Incredibly satisfying!!

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    • White trash?! Lmao!! I did not expect that, and my surprise scared my cats as I howled with laughter and amazement!

      You’ll make a fine strawberry, and I just dare you to go door to door asking for Annabelle 😀

      Stephen Wright has nothing on you — NOTHING!

      Thank you! xo

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